Our story

Sri Nona Foods (formerly known as Cocoaland)’s journey has been one of reinvention – from our humble beginnings as a family-owned, local snacks and fruit gummy producer to now a major confectionary manufacturer that is listed on Bursa. Today, Sri Nona Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&NHB), after a full acquisition on 4 November 2022.

No matter the changes, our passion remains the same and that is to make snacking fun for everyone and staying close to our consumers, the trends and times.

At Sri Nona Foods, we firmly believe in halal-assured, quality products that are fun, tasty and made from ethically sourced ingredients. In line with our Vision to be a sustainable food & beverage leader in the region, we are constantly looking into ways to reduce our carbon footprint to keep the world green for now and generations to come. In fact, our sustainability best practices extend beyond operations and processions to providing healthier snack options through better nutrition.

With Lot 100 as our flagship brand, Sri Nona Foods is more than just the largest gummy candy producer in Malaysia. We are also an established contract manufacturer for local and multinational companies, producing chocolates, snacks, candy, biscuits and beverages.

Our journey


The Lau brothers started out selling deep-fried foods from a van and went on to set up their first factory in Kampar to manufacture and distribute food products like crackers, jelly and peas.


Began production of polytubed drinks that became the Group’s first export.


Set up their second factory in Kepong for the production of chocolate candy and successfully commercialised production of Kokojelly.


Third factory was set up in Rawang (Lot 100) to produce fruit gummy, hard candy and snack food.


Successfully commercialised production of Lot 100 Fruit Gummy and started OEM business for multinational companies.


Awarded ISO 9001:2000 for its manufacturing facilities.


Conferred “Golden Bull Award” by Nanyang Siang Pau Press and “Enterprise 50 Award” by SMIDEC (Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation) and set up fourth factory in Rawang (Lot 5) to produce CocoPie, cookies and wafer.


Listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia, while factory in Rawang received HACCP certification, an internally recognised standard awarded for effective control of food safety.


Transferred listing status to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.


borders with trading office set up in Shenzhen, China.


Fifth factory set up in Rawang (Lot 88) to produce mainly beverage and launched its first beverage product.


Acquired land in Rawang for future business expansion.


Increased its global presence with the set up of trading office in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The Group achieved record-breaking revenue and nett profit.


Started another new factory marking the fourth production line for Fruit Gummy.


Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&NHB) made a 100% acquisition, making Cocoaland its wholly-owned subsidiary.


After the acquisition, Cocoaland and Sri Nona Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. merged and formed Sri Nona Foods, representing the food pillar for F&N HB.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to provide contentment in snacking, any time, any day, with not just quality products but fun and delicious products. It’s never a dull moment when you have a Sri Nona Foods treat as it brightens up every party and delights every taste bud.

A no. 1 fan of people

People are the heart of our organisation. We value our relationship with all – from our employees to stakeholders, business associations and our brand fans. Having people in our best interest stamps the foundation of believe and the commitment to keep to the quality of our flagship brands. With this same believe, we also forge ahead to develop and continuously improve the best snacking options available that is relevant with trends and times.

A believer in good governance

Doing the right thing matters. While the pursuit of profitability is important, ensuring accountability, transparency and integrity in the conduct of our business matters just as much. It’s our commitment to uphold these principles in everything we do and every decision we make.

A friend of the planet

At Sri Nona Foods, we are strongly committed to ensuring sustainability. Our business belief and operations are based on principals that ensure ecological respect and preservation. Our goal is to continuously drive zero waste, zero pollution and sustainable work efforts to ensure the preservation of the world we live in.